A First Hello

Hello hello hello! To all who may read this far and wide!

I am quite excited about this! About starting a blog! I have done so before, but I am giving it quite the twist this time. I am going to talk about anything and everything.

Okay, maybe not quite that much. But basically I am creating this blog because I have an endless abyss inside my mind and I need a way to sort it out.

I do have several topics I want to post about though, because it can be hard for me to express myself and my feelings and stuff in real life, so I guess I want to practice here. I will also be doing this anonymously , as it will be easier for me to express myself on here if nobody knows my true identity.

It is my promise to you, however, that I will not rage violently against people. If ever I seem aggressive towards a topic, I want to know, because it is not my intent. I just want to write about things to work them out in my mind, and get input. Possibly build a community of support.

Okay, so as a more proper introduction, I am an anonymous blogger, dealing with college life; confusing friendship, confusing feelings, asexuality, aromanticism, Asperger’s syndrome, some weird mix of anxiety and depression and more. I learn something new everyday, as the saying goes. I am an aspiring minimalist, I have a strong Christian faith, I am in love with the inner city, and I am just trying to make sense of this crazy life. I want to write about it all, and hopefully I will.

I love writing, so much and only now am I getting back into it. Maybe I will even post my aspiring artwork, writings and other weird things I may try.

ultimately, I want to encourage. Some things I post will be about struggles and hardships, but I also want to encourage anyone who is struggling themselves. Life is hard, this world is rough, and I want to be a light shining in darkness, like I am supposed to be.

Thanks for reading and feel free to introduce yourself!







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