Say What? Part 0 of a 6 Part Series

I was sitting here tonight, feeling like I should post SOMETHING to this new blog that I started a couple of days ago, but I wasn’t really sure where to start. There are a lot of things I could write about, because when creating this blog I decided I wanted my niche to be about exploring, learning, growing, discovering; about myself, the world, and so much more.

I gave a list in my introduction post about things I definitely do want to blog about;


-Aspergers Syndrome



-College life


-A lot more…

It occurred to me though, that a lot of people may not know what I mean when I use these words. Some may have the wrong idea of what I mean when I talk about these things.

So, what I’ve decided to do, is make a blog post series.

giphy (1)

I’m going to explain each of these crazy concepts, what they mean, and how they apply to me. Because I feel like being nice like that.

It will basically be like an introduction to each topic, so stay tuned, my lovely readership!

With that, I wish you goodnight!

-I need a nice anonymous name to call myself, so I’ll get back to you on that.





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